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Today we are having a fun time. We played UNO and I won two rounds. It was a really fun game. Lena won four times. Zoe won two times. We are very, very good sports. We shake hands and say "good game" to everyone in the game. I don't know if Mommy played a game today or not, but she played lots of times yesterday.

I am in second grade. I have the same teacher as last year. She is the best teacher EVER! I want to have her next year, but she's not going to be in third grade. In third grade I might get Mr. G. He is really, really funny. I hope I have him.

Today we are going out to eat. There is no school because it is a teacher's workday. That's a lucky day for us!

Zoe is playing music upstairs and listening to it with Lena. I wonder what CD they are playing. Probably the "Crown..." what was it called? Zoe is listening to "I am the flowers quickly fading". That's a good song. Do you know what? It's Zoe's favorite song, too.

We painted pottery (plates and mugs) last weekend. The place fired them and we picked them up yesterday. Mommy helped Lena paint a cup and a plate. Zoe painted a plate. I painted a mug. My mug had crosses on it. I love my mug and the other girls love their mugs, too.

We had a flu shot today. It stung. I didn't cry. None of the girls cried. That was a good thing.

I love my website. Bye.


I've been having a great time. School is out. The cats are out today and I'm playing with them. Today I got bagels with Daddy and Lena. I filled in a whole page of my journal and I did my list. I'm having gymnastics tomorrow. I'm having a great summer. I hope you are having a great summer. I learned how to ride my bike. Now I can go on family bike rides. I got new glasses. I got brown and blue glasses. Zoe has red glasses. Yesterday we went to a movie that was called "Kit- An American Girl". It had sad parts and happy parts. I liked Kit very much. Last weekend when Ty wasn't here we went to the beach and we went bowling. We also went to the pottery place. Daddy made a mug. Zoe made a mug. Lena made a soap dispenser. I made a plate. I painted the plate with lots of shiny colors. I put Crosses on it. We also saw "Space Chimps" last weekend. I had some very yummy popcorn. I am having a great time!


I finished first grade. There, that's all I need to do, ok? Hey, Noooo! (laughing). Stop. Erase it.


Hello. My birthday was awesome! We had a fun time. I had a rainbow party and we went roller skating. We ate a rainbow cake that said Happy Birthday CeCe. For Christmas we got a basketball hoop and a trampoline. Mommy and Daddy left clues and riddles and we had to figure it out. I'm in the pool right now with Daddy and Zoe. Daddy lets us surf on his back while he's swimming. Mommy's teaching Lena to swim. She's doing GREAT! Bye.


Hi. My name is CeCe. I am from China. My hair is black. My skin and my eyes are brown. I like to play hide and seek and tag. I like to climb, swing, play on the monkey bars, and slide. I like to play in the grass. My favorite fruit is apples. My favorite vegetable is broccoli. My favorite dessert is chocolate-flavored soy ice cream. My favorite friend is Carolyn because she is very helpful and very nice. My bedroom is a rainbow bedroom with lots of butterflies. My favorite restaurant is Lebanese. My favorite place is Pump It Up. My favorite stuffed animal is a panda bear named Panda. My favorite animal is a cat. We have 3 cats. Their names are Brianna, Sonya, and Chloe. My favorite holiday is Christmas because it is my birthday and Jesus' birthday and I get presents. My favorite game is Harry Potter Uno. My favorite color is blue. My favorite movie is "Angelina". My favorite book is "Bear Snores On". I am in Pep Club and I played basketball at school this year. My teacher is Mrs. Finnegan. She is pretty when she smiles. I take piano lessons from Mrs. Ernewein. I can only count to 400. I am 6 years old. I like to paint. My sisters are Lena and Zoe. My brother is Ty. My mom is Karen. My dad is Steve. Today is my daddy's birthday. We are getting ready to eat German chocolate cake. It only has 4 candles but he's 58! (He's actually 53.)