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I had a great Halloween. I dressed up as a SCUBA diver. I had to walk around in funny flippers the whole trick-or-treating time. I also wore a snorkel and mask. We made tanks out of soda bottles. My wetsuit was black pants and a long sleeve black shirt.

On Thanksgiving we had a feast and our aunt, uncle, and baby cousin came over. We also played football in the yard. It was tie, 17-17. The food was great.

Christmas Eve our cousins, aunts, and uncle came over for cookies, hot cocoa, football, and jumping on the trampoline. We put food out for the reindeer (apples, rainins, and oatmeal) and for Santa (lots of cookies and orange juice). After everyone left we went to our friends' house to celebrate Jesus' birthday. Next, we walked around their neighborhood, looking at lights. We saw the fake Santa and got a candy cane from him. Then we came home and tracked down Santa on NORAD. Finally, we opened our Christmas jammies, put them on, and went to sleep.

It's Christmas morning! We checked the food bowls. The reindeer ate most everything, but one of the bowls was knocked over. Santa ate a lot of cookies, but he left some corner pieces. Then we opened our stockings and ate apple turnovers for breakfast. We spent most of the day opening presents, playing, and reading. I got OWL PELLETS! I also got lots of books. HOORAY!

For New Years we packed up and went to Georgia. We finally got to our cabin after many hours in the car, sleeping and watching movies. There was a foos ball table, air hockey table, tons of board games, fireplaces, a fire pit for s'mores, a hammock by the creek, a hot tub, horseshoes, and grandparents nearby. When we went in the hot tub, we had steaming hands because the water was so warm and the air was so cold. My brother only stuck his hand in because he says he hates water. I wonder if that's what he does in the shower, too. Our grandparents ate dinner with us a couple times and we all had s'mores by the fire. My dad and I beat Ty in a lot of games. We went walking by the road and I saw an emblem for a Toyota car. It was a souvenir! It was very sad when we had to leave.

I left my school because we can no longer afford it due to the economy. Now I am being homeschooled. It is fun but I miss my friends so much. I got to visit yesterday and when I showed up everyone was shouting my name and crowding around me. It made me feel happy. I MISS YOU, FRIENDS! I stopped by the Gallery on my way through and found that my community service box was SO FULL of used eyeglasses! Thank you, everyone, for donating.

Bye everyone.


I am back in school. Hooray! My teacher, Mrs. K, is really nice. In 4th grade we switch classes. Mrs. K teaches social studies and science. We are having a fun time! We also just finished SAT tests. It is a test that you fill in little bubbles so your teacher can see how well you're doing and what you need to learn.

Also, we watched an Auburn game on the weekend and they lost (again)! We were sad, but we still had the spirit.

Also, that same weekend, we went to "Get Fired Up" (the pottery place). This time I painted a plate with a peace sign on it that covered the whole plate into three sections, with Chinese lettering in the middle of each section. Lena painted a plate with her hand print on the back and herself and her name on the front. Mommy painted a cup for Lena with a flower and two butterflies on it. CeCe painted a cup with crosses on it.

Since I'm Chinese, we celebrated Chinese Moon Festival. We invited some FAC friends and Aunt Donna's family. We went to our neighborhood pavilion where we had a picnic. We ate Chinese take-out and moon cakes. Then we played and at the end we took our lanterns and walked down under the moon.

I also got my hair cut by my mom. It was about 10 inches, but it is still half-way down my back.

Today was a half-day. Since Mrs. K couldn't get the movie working, we got to have free time in the classroom and play games. I played UNO with my friends and two boys. It was so fun and we laughed and shared our joy together. Now I'm home and my mom and I are playing UNO, too.

On Thursday and Friday we don't have school so it's a four-day-weekend!

Stay tuned. Bye!


Book club has been going great. We read a book and then come together the next Thursday to talk about it (and eat snacks). After we talk about it we usually go swimming. If it's raining, we usually play "Apples to Apples Junior" upstairs in the toy room. This Thursday will be the last book club gathering before the big party. For the party, we are going to have a pretend camp-out and watch a movie about a book we read this summer called "A Wrinkle in Time". Mommy will move all the furniture out of the TV room and everyone will bring pillows and sleeping bags to get comfy. We'll eat camp-out foods like corn, watermelon, and soy hot dogs, and we'll even roast marshmallows in the fireplace (with the A/C cranked way down low) for s'mores.

My birthday was great also. It was a "space alien" party. To wake me up that morning, everyone came up to my room singing "Happy Birthday" with a cupcake. (That's a tradition in our house.) We made alien masks with ping pong antennae. That morning, our septic system backed up (YUCK!) and we couldn't run any water to wash hands or anything... so we took waffles and soy sausage and OJ to our cousins' house to eat there. My cousin, Elena ("Lanie") missed "water day" at camp to play with us at her house. We did gymnastics on the carpet and played "Kung Fu Panda" with the balloons. Then we went home b/c the septic system was fixed. We sat around playing UNO together, all wearing our alien masks. Later we went bike riding. Then we came home and had pesto noodles, garlic bread, and strawberries (I picked this for dinner)....and then cake. The cake had a lot of icing on it. It was mostly spiky green (like alien fur) with eyeballs (frosting) all over it. It was so good. Then my Aunt Donna came over and I opened all my presents. I got books: "Left Behind" (The Kids' Series), "Addy American Girl" (the series). I also got a do-it-yourself dulcimer kit. My dad and I are working on it. I'm painting an alien scene on it. Aunt Donna, Uncle Stuart and the cousins gave me a camera!

Last weekend we went to Get Fired Up (the pottery painting place). I did a small mug. I painted the Cross on it and words that say "Since I live you will also". Daddy painted a mug, too, and his looks like a sunrise (he says). Lena painted a soap dispenser and it looks like the Earth, with a dark blue background and dark green splotches all over. CeCe painted Crosses on a plate. Also last weekend, we watched "Space Chimps", went bowling, and to the beach. It was a blast!

Are you having a great summer, too?

See you later!


School is out! Our last day was good and kind of sad. The sad part was that we had to say good-bye to our teachers. The good part was that we got to have our Second Annual Last Day of School Miserable Manners Junk Food Party at home. That was really fun. In gymnastics, my sister, CeCe, and I moved up to the next level. Also, my friends and I are starting a book club this summer. It is called Busy Bookshelves. We will meet on Thursdays. Our first book is called The Homework Machine. When it ends we're going to have a book club party. CeCe will be a greeter and helper. Byebye.


We had Easter and the Easter Bunny gave us a riddle to go to Medieval Times. It was really fun there and we had a great time. Also, my sisters, CeCe and LeLe, and I are enjoying the pool even though it's cold. It is Spring Break already and we are going to miss our teachers. Yesterday we had a little show at school for the grandparents. Our show was in April, but Grandparents' Day is really in September. I don't know why our school decides to do it that way every year. Anyway, every grade did two shows. In the third grade shows I was in both of them. Their names are "Great Big Stars", and a Spanish one called "En Nuestra Sierra Tan Linda". In the first, I played the alto metallophone. In the second I did the hand movements and sang. And then we showed our grandparents around our classrooms. I guess that's about it. Bye. See you later.


I am back again. I had a great Christmas and a great New Year. Did you? I hope you did. On Christmas Eve we had Christmas dinner with the family at our house. Then we went to Jaden's house (my friend) to celebrate Jesus's birthday. We also got to see Santa (the fake one) and see the neighbors' lights. We also got to set out Santa and reindeer food. We got to put on our new jammies that our mom got us and then off to bed. The next morning the Santa food was gone (the carrots, too) and the reindeer food was gone also. Our stockings were over-flowing. We also got presents. No coal so far. Our mom and dad put together a big riddle leading to a basketball hoop and a trampoline!! It was pretty exciting. I also got to try on my new inline skates. I can skate backwards, forwards, fast, in a circle, and on one foot! For new Years we went to our grandparents' house in Georgia. We left a day too early, I think, because it snowed the next day. That wasn't exciting. Then we got back to our home sweet home. When I get back to school I have to write everything in cursive. I know cursive pretty well. I also am glad to go see my friends again, and my teacher, don't forget. Please pray with me about GrandBob (he's in the hospital) and Aunt Phyllis (she has cancer) and the poor people and everyone who's having trouble in life. Thank you. Amen. See you later. Bye now.


Hello. My name is Zoe. I am 8 years old and my birthday is July 11th. My favorite holiday is Christmas because Jesus was born then. I am in 3rd grade and my teacher is Mr. Gomez. He has lots of humor. He likes to tell funny jokes and make people laugh. My best friend is Rosemary (not the plant) because she is very kind and sweet and has a good touch of manners. I take piano with Mrs. Ernewein. It is easy once you start learning it. I am going to take basketball and I feel all excited and nervous. I'm also in Pep Club. I cheer for the school upper campus and lower campus. I have 3 cats in my house. Their names are Chloe, Brianna, and Sonya. Chloe is mine and she's the youngest. My favorite activities in school are library, music, art, and computer. I kind of like Spanish (not really). My favorite kind of food is pizza. My favorite restaurant is Pizza Gallery. My favorite vegetable is corn and my favorite fruit is blueberries. Blue is my favorite color. I love to read. My favorite types of books are Nancy Drew mysteries. I like to play yard football with Ty and Daddy. Today is my dad's birthday. His birthday is Mickey Mouse's birthday. We are having German chocolate cake.